Tatiana Kaplun fashion house is our big and friendly family, where everyone performs their important role. This is a family business with a deep history that began in Nizhny Novgorod in 1995.
Today Tatiana Kaplun is the most famous designer of wedding dresses in Russia. Every year more than 2,000 brides in cities and regional towns choose the dress of our brand. What unites so many girls unfamiliar with each other? Love for thoughtful design, quality and attention to detail.
The fashion house of Tatiana Kaplun annually produces two collections of dresses under the Tatiana Kaplun and Kookla brands.
The Tatiana Kaplun collection is a complex, non-trivial, elegant, combines fashion trends and classic lines.
The Kookla brand is light, airy, with a touch of romanticism and charming luxury.
Each image is fully thought out and worked out by stylists. We make sure that you buy not just a wedding dress, but the best emotion in the world - the pleasure and happiness of anticipation of being a bride.
All wedding dresses by Tatiana Kaplun Fashion House can only be bought from an authorized dealer. Today, we are the only ones who conduct vocational training for dealerships, providing expert service and customer service at the European level.
Buying a dress of Tatiana Kaplun, you become a part of our already huge community of beauty lovers and just happy women.
Thank you for being with us!
Your Tatiana Kaplun
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